a husband & wife entrepreneurship based in the Carolinas



We are a husband-wife team of unique business owners, combining southern hospitality with handcrafted designs - our favorite tools are pixels and wood. Read below to learn about our Name, our Products, and our Mission.

What’s in a Name?


Traditionally the name “Hofmeister” links us back to royal castles and noble courts of Germany, a time in which our ancestors functioned as the chamberlains of these grand estates. Today, we work to manage the affairs of life and family-owned Hoffmaster businesses.

We take pride in our name. We take pride in what we do and the services we provide as designers and consultants.  We are an American family with global inspiration. Most of all we are excited to be part of an amazing entrepreneur-driven time in history.

When people hear the name Hoffmaster, we want them to think of innovation, warmth, ideas, and efficiency.

So our mission is to be stewards of time and family in our communities, so that the lives we touch will have a little bit of us going back into their lives with them.  Our hope for that is passion, altruism, and awareness about the world. Thinking of our name points us back to our home and to our intention. We are dust and design. We are Hoffmaster.