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A Typical Sunday Night

A Typical Sunday Night

The baby has her milk, we have read books and cuddled, and the kids are asleep. (Teenagers are still awake.)  The fun of the weekend already seems distant, and mental focus shifts toward the week’s to-do list.

On nights like this, I wonder how normal I am.  I wonder about other wives and mothers.  What are all of us doing?

Tonight since 8:00 pm I have folded three loads of laundry, organized and purged some paperwork, cleaned the cars from a busy week, and listened to two episodes of ‘Secrets of Wealthy Women‘ as I scanned the kitchen counters, wondering how I can make the most of the last few hours before it all begins once more.  I am packing seven orders to send to seven customers that will put a few hundred dollars into my wallet.

I did not plan this when I was in college. I did not foresee me owning three businesses and packing bubble mailers at 10 pm. But I cannot help but be amazed and thankful.  I live in a country that allows me to capitalize on creativity and social networking, trying out new business ideas and seeing them actually put money into my family’s future.

If I had been a cynic, if I had pulled up the covers of life in fear – I would have never seen some of this success.  If I had not said, “Yes,” to Ashley Caldwell last year, I would have never seen this incredible chapter of business as a SeneGence distributor come into my life as another source of income.

Each Sunday I am reminded that business is usually not about a gigantic lump sum. It’s not about a huge win.  It is a series of baby steps.  Baby steps that are repeated… each day… each week… until you shake your head in awe, reflecting on how much that can happen if you just take that first step.