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Giving Tuesday: 850STRONG

Giving Tuesday: 850STRONG

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I don’t know many other women who have 5 kids, and I don’t know many women who have stood by me as I endured childbirth, listened to me cry as my first marriage fell apart, laughed with me, laughed at me, and swapped all kinds of stories.

photos of Kristi and Emily

Both of us homeschooled our children when the time came to start that season, and although I no longer do, Emily’s home is still the center of their education and lives.

Our friendship was built around home and family, and even though we don’t talk on the phone as often, I know her heart. And I know now that she is battling her own storm that will test her in many ways this coming year.

In October my friend Emily had her world turned upside down. Along with many others in Panama City, FL and surrounding towns, she scooped up her kids, left her home near the waters of the Gulf Coast, and sheltered in the face of Hurricane Michael, discovering a horrible reality the next morning. Her home was severely damaged, and the entire city was left in ruins.

It has been over a month now, and Emily, her husband, and five kids, are just beginning to look ahead to a new normal. They will move into a rental home this month, and the long road ahead will be a journey of logistical and financial challenges for their family.

Emily's street before and after the Hurricane

Emily's home

Hoffmaster Woodworks Giving Tuesday graphicOn this #GivingTuesday, please consider a purchase from our shop to help my friend and her family. Use our 850STRONG coupon, so your FREE SHIPPING purchase can go toward helping them get back on their feet. And if you want to skip our shop and simply donate directly, you can do so here or through our Facebook page. ALL donations go completely and directly to Emily’s family.

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