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Mom-Shop Weekend

Mom-Shop Weekend

I realized that we have been in our new home and wood shop for almost six months, and I have yet to have a weekend alone with no plans.  Matt probably has not either.  I was really excited to have two days without any obligations and no one in the house but me – I could be creative and sleep in, too!

I used my free time to watch some TV, make some Christmas gifts for family and friends, and work on some new Hoffmaster Woodworks products.  Tonight I ended my mom-weekend watching Clemson vs. Duke football and creating some marketing material.  The next month is full of travel and activity plus a holiday rush of woodworking orders, so I know this is the last quiet lull before the new year.



Aren’t these wooden Christmas card holders fun?  I just listed them in our shop.

This was meant to be a small request fulfilled for a friend, but I liked it. So I put it in our shop for the athletes!  Check out this rustic medal hanger.


All in all it was really nice to have a weekend to myself.  If you are wondering how you can make the woman in your life happy, pay attention to what makes her smile and what brings out her stress.  In this season of life with a toddler, teenagers, a busy job and side business, my stress comes from feeling like there is very little opportunity for daytime creativity. I feel like I am always needed. I crave breaks of peace and quiet, and I am a new person when I can reset and get a little creative.  What a great gift from grandparents and my husband to let me have that this weekend!  I am thankful.