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On My Birthday

On My Birthday

I gave myself this new website for my birthday! I’m pretty excited about that. I have wanted to have a central place for information, news, and product promos, and not having that has been annoying me for a long time.

Credit to Grandmas

It is days like today when I am very mindful of the mothers in our lives.  Without great Grandmas, there is simply no way that we would accomplish all of our dreams.  Matt and I are blessed to have caring mothers who love and sacrifice to help us raise their grandchildren.  We know they love them very much, and each time the kids spend time away from us in their homes, we get to recharge, regroup, and reorganize.  We are very thankful for them and all they have done to support us over the years.

This New Website

My hope is to grow a customer base for our brand as it expands.  We have dreams and plans for how our family will continue in the worlds of business, and I want the website to be an integral aspect of those aspirations.  Areas of the website will grow with us.

Thank you as always to our family and friends who purchase our products and share them with others.  2018 is shaping up to be a wonderful year of business already, and we look forward to the next several months!