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The 12 Ladies of Christmas – Art by Lisa Tuttle

The 12 Ladies of Christmas – Art by Lisa Tuttle

Each day I am showing off the shop of someone I know, and today I am excited to share Lisa Tuttle‘s artwork!

photo of cardinals by Lisa Tuttle

I met Lisa last year and actually spend quite a bit of time with her each week – we sit near each other at our daytime jobs!  Lisa is extremely talented, and I already have come to respect and admire her in the short time I have known her. She is the Chief Information Security Officer in our IT department, so I indirectly report to her since I am the webmaster for our corporation. Safety first!

Lisa’s drive and affinity for nature and arts are impressive! She is also known around the office for a contagious positive attitude.  I think her joy shines through in her paintings.  I just love the beautiful cardinals she painted this year, and the man and woman in her most recent piece are so dreamy! Although she doesn’t have an official storefront, she can commission a piece for you.  Reach out to Lisa on LinkedIn for more information.

painting of retro couple