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The 12 Ladies of Christmas – Carolina Bags

The 12 Ladies of Christmas – Carolina Bags

photo of elephant pillow and bag

Each day I am showing off the shop of a woman I personally know, and Day 3 is Carolina Bags!  Kathy has a bustling craft business that brings together the charming goods of local artists and Southern flair, and her products are so unique. She doesn’t offer bags alone; she also has “apronsbackpacksearrings, pillowstea towels,  & specialty spa products” for sale!  I met Kathy at the office since we work during the day together, and our creative paths inevitably crossed. Kathy’s product offering focuses on the sweet delicacies that all southern ladies enjoy from time to time, and she is really active on Instagram.

photo of Charlotte bag


photo of bags

In Kathy’s words, “Everything about Carolina Bags celebrates the Carolinas.  My artists are all from the Carolinas and 95% of what I sell is made in the Carolinas, like Chapel Hill Toffee, soaps and lotions made in Raleigh, Dewey’s cookies, made in Winston-Salem and pecans from South Carolina.”  That is a lot of true southern flavor right there!

donkey artwork

Q&A With Kathy

Which of Your Bags is the Most Popular?

The Charlotte bags are probably the most purchased because I am also selling them downtown at the Convention Center.  There are a number of designs.  The other favorites are the Donkey and the Pig and then the beach themed ones.

If you could take just one bag of yours on a weekend getaway, which would you choose?

The striped weekender.  It is extremely sturdy, has pockets and a handle so you can carry by hand or over your shoulder.  I use a smaller version to take home my computer and work!

What is one interesting fact people may not know about your bags?

I can put any art on any thing!  See Kraft bags and pillow case. photo.  I can even put THEIR ART on anything!  I can also do gift bags for guests that can be made up by us and delivered to a venue.

I love these bags, and I know you will, too. Thanks for allowing me to share!