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The 12 Ladies of Christmas – Dharma Massage & Bodywork

The 12 Ladies of Christmas – Dharma Massage & Bodywork

Each day I’m showing off the store of a woman I know, and today, my final day, I am introducing you to Amber, Massage Therapist at Dharma Massage & Bodyworks!  I met Amber through friends at Skydive Carolina when I was getting my license to skydive, as many of our paths crossed there, considering her family operates the dropzone.  Amber was a pretty amazing skydiver before my time, and she and I seemed to have so many other hobbies and preferences in common – not to mention motherhood, one of the greatest of them all!

Amber asked me to help design her business logo and website when she ventured into opening her massage studio, and I was honored and thrilled to do so. She is really ambitious and so impressive!  I really wanted to share her store and services here because I believe in her warm heart, giving spirit, and I believe in what she does to help others.

Q&A With Amber

What got you interested in opening your own business as a massage therapist?

About 4 years before I registered from Massage Therapy school I started to really began feeling urges to find my soul purpose on this planet. Knowing I was supposed to do something to help facilitate healing in others around me so they could grow and heal from within. I had started my spiritual path in search of healing and growth about 2 years prior after experiencing a trauma that made me change my perspective on life and so started my journey to find my purpose, my Dharma.

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There are several modalities of healing work out there, and I tried dipping into each field so I could get a sense if that’s where I was meant to be or not. It wasn’t until I had a physical injury that led me onto a massage therapy table. I remember having my face in the crescent shaped pillow when the light bulb went off and I was literally signed up for Massage Therapy school 3 weeks later!

I signed up at Southeastern Institute located in Charlotte, NC studying Professional Clinical Neuromuscular Massage Therapy. I completed the 900 hour course as Valedictorian in July 2017. I completed my studies in December of 2016 and started my own practice called Dharma Massage & Bodywork, LLC in May 2017. Dharma is a Sanskrit word that means purpose and to do your duty or service in the community, so this is my Dharma, my continual efforts to help create positive change in my practice.

What is the best benefit that you believe you offer to people with your business?

photo of studioI believe the best benefit that I offer to my clients is time for them to slow down. I notice in my own life and others that we have been conditioned to work constantly in order to survive and it has caused our nervous systems to be on overdrive, causing stress and anxiety. I give you the space to ground down to the table, quiet your mind and tune into what your body needs. Our bodies need us to slow down long enough to listen and be heard to allow healing to begin. I applaud every one of my clients just for taking the time for self care. We hold all the wisdom of the universe within each cell of our being. Taking time to fill each cell with love and compassion will make you feel so much more alive, present and grounded. ?

Do you offer gift certificates for holiday gifts?

I offer a few different options for treatment sessions.

  • The Therapeutic Massage is the most popular. This is a Neuromuscular and Swedish Massage combo that is custom designed to what your body needs that day.
  • Hot Stone Massage which is the same as the therapeutic massage but I add in hot stones as an extension of my hands. With the heat from the stones allows the facia to melt away more effectively and allowing for greater circulation.
  • Cupping is free added onto any massage for breaking up tissue and allowing more circulation. The more blood circulation the faster that area of the body can heal. About 10 minutes of cupping is equivalent to 30 minutes of deep tissue.
  • CranioSacral Therapy is my favorite modality for helping people take their healing to the next level. This therapy is not a massage, you stay fully clothes as I access a specific 10 step protocol to regulate the fluid that surrounds the brain and spinal cord. This happens by putting your body in a para-sympathetic state, the rest and digest state while I facilitate your body to go into self correction mode. It releases all your facia and feels like a full body decompression. It creates space for healing to happen and can even feel like you’re going through a detox, flushing out the old and bringing in the new. It can release traumas, emotions and stress.

Gift Certificates are available at the office on cardstock or at your convenience through Amber’s website. You pick a custom template, type what you’d like to say and print it out or email it directly. Give the gift of relaxation, tools for grounding, presence and self love to a perfect being of Light this Holiday Season.?