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The 12 Ladies of Christmas – Lindsey Portugal Studios

The 12 Ladies of Christmas – Lindsey Portugal Studios

Lindsey Portugal Studios | Fort Mill, SC

Each day I’m showing off the store of a woman I personally know, and Day Two is Lindsey Portugal. I have just met Lindsey this year; we are new neighbors! She works hard as a wife, mother, and an artist.  You can read more on her bio page, and you should because I think she’s pretty great!  I absolutely ADORE her illustrations and whimsical style.

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photo of Lindsey's house paintings

Lindsey says most of her work is done custom, and my personal favorite are her beautiful house paintings.  Aren’t they pretty?  A custom house painting is on my wishlist for this year, and I know exactly where I will hang it when I get it!  I think I’d like about 100 of her house paintings, ha ha.

Q&A With Lindsey

Where is your favorite place to get in the zone and create a new artwork piece?

Honestly most of my ideas just come from every day life and things I enjoy. Sometimes movies, nature, etc. for the character/fashion illustrations- many of those are inspired by people I follow on Instagram or people in my life . When I think of an idea I write it down since many times I don’t have time to work on it in that moment.

What is your favorite drawing you’ve made and why?

That’s really difficult because they are all so different. I still think back to one of my first pieces. It isn’t my most purchased piece but it is probably my most powerful one. It is called Life and Loss and it represents how women feel who are struggling with infertility or miscarriage or anything really that prevents them from having the blessing of a child. Other than that piece I would say I really love my latest city inspiration piece (the Fort Mill one) because it is where I live now (and it is my most purchased piece)!

Thanks for allowing me to feature your beautiful art, Lindsey!

Kristi, Co-owner
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