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The 12 Ladies of Christmas – Sassy Cat Pottery

The 12 Ladies of Christmas – Sassy Cat Pottery

Sassy Cat Pottery | Charlotte, NC

Each day I am showing off the shop of a woman I personally know, and Day 6 is Sassy Cat Pottery, the personal studio collection of clay artist Caroline who is a family friend of mine.  I met her through my husband around the board game dinner table on Sunday evenings when he and I were dating. She is so sweet, and I have been blessed by some heartfelt gifts that she has come up with in her many creative talents.  I like her pottery so much that I asked her to make some holiday gift box sets with me this year (I can’t wait to send you the link tomorrow)!  Her bowls and mugs are suuuuuuper cute.

photo of handmade cup

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Q&A With Caroline

What began your interest into creating ceramic pottery?

I began pottery at a very early age. I was in an after school program at a local community center, around age 6, taking clay classes and loving every second of it! Later, in High School I rediscovered my love for it while taking a class at a local YWCA with my mother. That was the first time I had ever used a pottery wheel. This particular wheel was a kick-wheel, meaning that it was not motorized like most pottery wheels you find today. I felt like I had found something they gave my long legs a purpose! I was hooked on the process of creating on the wheel! So when I went to college I was desperate to take another wheel throwing class. I was only able to take one pottery class while completing my BA in English at Guilford college, but I did have the fortune to study under Charlie Tefft. It was through his instruction that I really found myself as a ceramic artist, and I am eternally grateful for the education I received from him!

What kinds of products would you like to make in the future?

In future I need to challenge myself by making bigger pieces and also more complicated vessels such as teapots, lidded jars, and maybe even make the tagine I promised I would make for my mom years ago!

Thanks for allowing me to show off your stuff, Caroline!  I can’t wait to see how Sassy Cat Pottery grows and watch all of the beautiful pottery collections unfold in your shop!