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The 12 Ladies of Christmas – Oak Creek Naturals

The 12 Ladies of Christmas – Oak Creek Naturals

I Present Oak Creek Naturals | Spartanburg, SC

Each day I’m showing off the store of a woman I personally know, and today it’s Pam from Oak Creek Naturals. Pam freshens up skin and lips with her handmade lotions, scrubs, and soaps. I met Pam in my hometown at a festival a few years ago, and I instantly fell in love with her activated charcoal facial soap. It is AHHHMAZING!!!

photo of oak creek lotions

My Faves and All The Buzz

Some of my favorite things about Oak Creek Naturals are the homemade, pure, organic ingredients that go into these fun, unique treats!  These are a few of my favorites:

  • Pure Bliss Lotions
  • Diaper Creme
  • Heel Balm
  • Men’s Beard Oil

You gotta just see for yourself and check out the reviews!!

Q&A With Pam

What do you love most about your products?

I love having a broad canvas to create whatever pops into my head for the day. I suppose that’s what artisan work is all about, but in general, I would say what I love most is trying to create something that has a special purpose, that people will love while creating it with a healthy mindset as to the ingredients.

If you could take just one of your soaps to a weekend getaway, which would you choose?

Hmmmm, I do have a LOT of soaps that I love (and truthfully, really really struggle to even make scents that I don’t love….like peppermint…ask my husband!!), but I suppose my favorite would be my Himalayan Salt Spa Bar. There is just something special and mystical about the aroma….it makes me smile inside. That bar has a blend of lemongrass, grapefruit and eucalyptus essential oils. I do have to be cautious when beekeeping chores are on the list and not bathe with this soap as honey bees LOVE LOVE LOVE lemongrass oil. It’s actually used as a bait for queen bees that fly the coop !

Why the name ‘Oak Creek’ for your brand?

That one is an easy answer. It is a name close to our hearts, and we wanted it to be fairly generic and cover multiple possibilities so far as revenue generating products. Example, “Beehives and Bubbles” was on the list but that was totally restricting us to honey sales and bath stuff. So, it ended up coming down to “Oak Creek Naturals” and “Doodle Hill” (we have a goldendoodle)….. well, I think we made the right choice, haha !!

photo of diaper cream

Thanks for letting me show off your stuff, Pam! Now everybody, “Go get some charcoal for yo face!”

Kristi, Co-owner
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